S13 Torque Specs

Valve Cover 

72-86 inch-lbs (6-7.2 ft-lbs)

Spark Plugs

14-28 ft-lbs

Exhaust Manifold

If you are looking at the engine from the nose of the car, starting from the leftmost stud and proceeding right, this is the sequence for tightening:


from the middle out in a x pattern

27-35 ft-lbs

Intake Manifold

12-15 ft-lbs

It has a sequence but couldn’t find it if anybody know please let me know so I can put it up there

Caps that secure the injectors

26-33 inch-lbs (2.2-2.8 ft-lbs) ish

Fuel Rail bolts

8 ft-lbs in sequence then;

all bolts to 15-20 ft-lbs in sequence

sequence is middle, passenger side and driver side

Oil Pan

Aluminum section to block

Large bolts 12-14 ft-lbs

Small nuts 56-66 inch-lbs (4.7-5.5 ft-lbs)

Steel pan to aluminum section 

56-66 inch-lbs (4.7-5.5 ft-lbs)

Knock Sensor 

15-20 ft-lbs

Water Pump

144-180inch lbs (12-15 ft-lbs)

Crankshaft Pulley-To-Crankshaft Bolt

105-112 ft-lbs

Flywheel to Crank

61-69 ft-lbs

Camshaft Caps

6.5-8 ft-lbs

Camshaft sprocket bolt

101-116 ft-lbs

Main Bearings 

tighten to 24-28 ft-lb, then tighten to 54-61 ft-lb

Rod bearings 

tighten 10-12 ft-lb then tighten 28-33 ft-lb…


From the front of the car also the exhaust side of the head, numbering each head bolt from 1-5 intake side and 6-10 from exhaust side, from your left to the right, the tightening pattern will be:


Tighten all bolts to 29 ft-lbs

Tighten all bolts to 58 ft-lbs

Loosen all bolts completely.

Tighten all bolts to 33 ft-lbs

Turn all bolts 90 , then turn another 90 degrees

*Note: When putting the headbolts in please dip them in oil before install.

Pressure Plate

First Tighten all bolts to 7.2 – 14 ft-lb

Then from first bolt tighten to 16 – 22 ft-lb

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